Veta Vera Accessories

Baskets and bird nesters handwoven by artisans in Bolga, Ghana. Each design is crafted from Veta Vera Grass, a resilient material that grows in the region. The weavers are from ten communities across Bolga and are part of a cooperative, supported by Frafra Baskets, a company which focuses on preserving traditional techniques.

Veta Vera Grass Bird Nester

USD 95.00
Size: One Size

Bird nester handwoven by artisans in Ghana, supported by Frafra Baskets. Made from Veta Vera grass to varying shapes, then finished with a loop for hanging from branches in a sheltered position.


Veta Vera grass.
Hand woven and will vary in size and shape. We recommend that the nest baskets are hung in a sheltered position, either amongst branches or under an awning to limit how wet they get but also to prevent fading in the direct sun. They will naturally fade over time as with any item outside.
Made in Ghana.
Approx. H 25cm x D 18cm.

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