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Little Symphonies | The Rhythmic Harmony of Flower Paintings

Olivia Meehan reflects on the sonic quality of floral arrangements in art.

3 days ago
TOAST Podcast | Series 5 | Rhythm

For our fifth podcast series, we look to the theme of Rhythm, how it forms us, how we carry it and where it can lead us. 

20 days ago
In the Studio with Mimi Robson

The Cornwall-based artist creating sweeping brushworks for our shop windows.

26 days ago
In the Studio with Michelle Thompson

Chloë Ashby interviews the artist using collage to reflect timely, contemporary themes.

1 month ago
Lines of Beauty | In the Studio with Meg Rodger

In marks and in solargraphs, the Hebridean artist captures the shifting elements of island life.

1 month ago
Rhythm | Artistic Interpretations

The winning competition entries in response to our seasonal theme of Rhythm. 

1 month ago
Tracing the History of Gestural Brushwork

Fiorella Valdesolo reflects on the art of calligraphy through the ages.  

1 month ago
In the Studio with Rosalind Wyatt

The London-based textile artist using stitch as language.

1 month ago
Artist and synesthete Jack Coulter on painting simulations of sound

In the studio with the Northern Irish artist. 

2 months ago
Painting Women into a Limitless Space | In the Studio with Sungi Mlengeya

Chloë Ashby interviews the Tanzanian artist empowering women through paint.

2 months ago
In the Library with Tatter Blue | Time to Make

The Brooklyn-based library dedicated to the history of textiles.

2 months ago
Easy Mends by Emily Settle | Time to Make

A simple guide to two textile mends by repair specialist Emily Settle.

3 months ago
Material Issues

The Textile Stories of Artist Natasha Kerr.

3 months ago
A Curator's View | Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Yasmijn Jarram explores the relevance of contemporary art and its relation to society.

5 months ago
Emma Straub of Books are Magic | TOAST Insider

The American novelist and bookstore owner on running an independent business with community at its heart.

5 months ago
In the Studio with Eileen Cooper

Chlo Ashby talks to the celebrated British artist, known for her figurative paintings of monumental, mythic women.

5 months ago
Painting the Weightless and Undiluted Vitality of Open Water

Emily Ponsonby captures female forms submerged in the greenish-blue depths of water.

5 months ago
Marieke Verdenius of The Gatherists | Meet the Founder

Marieke on her journey, the meaning of gathering and tips for dressing a winter table.

6 months ago
Alphabet Wrapping Paper with Rachel Hazell | Time to Make

A guide by Rachel Hazell for making bespoke wrapping paper.

6 months ago
In the Studio with Prudence Flint

Chlo Ashby talks to the Australian artist about her work painting strong female characters.

7 months ago
Objects of Meaning | Ekta Kaul

The textile works of Ekta Kaul are intricately embroidered objects of place and belonging.

7 months ago
In the Studio with Painter Ella Walker

Painting, drawing and fresco form the basis of Ella Walker's artistic practice.

7 months ago
Artist in Residence | Kate Owens

We talk to Artist-in-Residence Kate Owens about her innovative block print technique.

7 months ago
TOAST Podcast | Series 4 | Flux & Flow

Our fourth series looks at how we navigate change and the forces that steer our lives.

7 months ago