TOAST Repair

Our free mending service, giving new life to your worn TOAST garments

TOAST Repair is our free mending service that brings new life to your worn TOAST garments. Bring any TOAST clothing item in need of repair to one of our shops and you have the opportunity to spend time with a repair specialist to discuss creative mending options, learning the best approach for extending the lifespan of your garment. To date we have mended more than 5,700 TOAST pieces.

Our shop colleagues or repair specialists will share their knowledge on invisible and visible mending, from Sashiko repair, darning and patching to appliqué, before selecting the technique best suited to the fabric and type of repair for your item of clothing. Using these traditional techniques, many of which are sewn by hand, will extend the life of your garment for years to come. By taking the time to restore a well-loved item and highlight its worn areas, we can rethink our relationship with clothing.

“Mending is about the journey travelled, not reinstating the impossible perfection of the new.”

Our clothes carry the stories of the lives we lead and more often than not, the tears, rips and threadbare zones can offer up some clues about our lifestyle or habits. Whether darned, reworked or visibly mended using techniques like sashiko repair, a garment begins to tell a story of the wearer. TOAST Repair offers a considered approach to cherishing your garments for longer. Over time, it is our hope that your TOAST clothing will hold an imprint of your own movements, giving a uniquely beautiful patina. Repairing our clothes is both an environmental and economical way of making them last.

“With the repairs I do for TOAST customers, it’s really obvious that a garment has been truly loved and worn a lot, which is always heartening. With visible mending we can celebrate the repair, which in itself is a great antidote to throwaway culture. Every stitch I make brings peace of mind.” Jessica Smulders-Cohen, TOAST Repair Specialist

The TOAST Repair service is available for all TOAST garments regardless of when and where they were bought. Repaired items can be collected from our shops or posted to your home for a small charge.

What you can bring for repair:
Any TOAST item of clothing (dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts, tops, knitwear, jackets, coats, nightwear or loungewear), regardless of when and where it was bought.

What is not accepted:
Footwear, accessories, jewellery, bags, swimwear, underwear or homeware. Any non-TOAST item of clothing.

TOAST Repair Terms & Conditions apply.