TOAST Renewed

Creatively repaired pieces for increased longevity

Our TOAST Renewed collection extends our long-standing approach to cherishing materials and honouring the hands that make our pieces.

With each one-of-a-kind item, we demonstrate how the act of mending can give clothing and soft textiles a new lease of life. TOAST Renewed is our way to shift our perspective that tears, holes and other flaws diminish the beauty of well-crafted pieces. By renewing instead of replacing, we get to cherish items for a lifetime.

Our in-house repair team of six specialists carefully mend each garment, taking fabric, colour and texture into consideration. The unique stitching on each piece prolongs its use, giving you the opportunity to make a more considered choice for the planet.

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The price of each TOAST Renewed piece reflects the original value of the item, as well as the time taken by our repair specialists to assess and creatively repair it.

TOAST Renewed pieces are created from damaged items from our shops and those returned by customers to our warehouse. Previously, these items would have been held in our warehouse and sold through sample sales and TOAST outlet shops.

By purchasing an item from this collection, you are helping to support our circular approach and reduce our waste.

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Social Conscience

We are keenly aware of our impact on people and the planet.

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