Events & Workshops

Each season we bring together like-minded, creative individuals through a series of virtual events, talks and workshops.

Prices for individual events vary. You will also have the opportunity to donate* to the Crafts Council UK. All you need to take part is a webcam and microphone - we suggest using a laptop or desktop computer, but you can also use your tablet or mobile phone. We recommend using a WiFi connection to avoid data charges.

Please register using the links below to confirm your place.

Virtual Workshops

Cotton & Linen Repairs with Molly Martin

Join textile repairer Molly Martin to discover the art of visible mending. In this workshop, Molly will show you how to repair and restore your beloved homeware textiles - whether it be a fraying pillow case, a torn tea towel or simply a linen garment that needs some care. Using patches made from reclaimed materials, Molly will demonstrate how to repair both small and large holes and tears using traditional techniques that have been inspired by Indian Kantha stitching and Japanese sashiko repair. This workshop is suitable for beginners and is free to attend, with the opportunity to make a voluntary donation*.

Tue 8 June, 7pm BST (8pm CEST / 2pm EDT), 1 hour 15 mins.

Upcoming on Instagram

A Live Conversation with Julius Arthur

Join us live in conversation with 2019 TOAST New Maker Julius Arthur of House of Quinn as we discuss his debut book, Modern Quilting. During the conversation we will discuss the inspiration behind the book, from traditional quilting techniques and ethical sourcing to modern textile compositions and material sustainability. Julius will share tips on textile projects that can be easily executed at home and discuss how the revival of traditional techniques can be taught, shared and used today.

Wed 9 June, 5pm BST (6pm CEST / 12pm EDT). Live on Instagram

Past Events | Watch Again

In the Studio with Lucy Augé | Time to Make

Bath-based artist Lucy Augé creates vignettes of nature that waver between abstraction and representation. As part of our Time to Make series, we follow Lucy in her studio, shadowing the creative process behind her unique greeting card collection for TOAST. From Lucy’s original observational etchings, to the printing of each card in Somerset by Opal Print, the immersive film provides a study into the craftsmanship, time and detail behind her practice.


Summer Silhouettes| Styling Conversations with TOAST

Join us for our latest conversation, as we share key pieces from our Summer collection and discuss how to wear and layer each look. Considering colour and texture, and using a range of garments we will present versatile outfits, working to a range of proportions and silhouettes. From pairing separates and bold pops of colour, to summer trousers and versatile dresses, our latest Styling Conversations aims to provide interactive guidance and tips, giving viewers the confidence to invent unique, comfortable and creative combinations for everyday wear.


Potato and Rosemary Focaccia by Olivia Cavalli | Time to Make

Olivia Cavalli is a London-based chef, stylist and writer honing her Italian culinary skills. All of her dishes emulate her love of Italian cuisine and honour her heritage, whilst bringing people together around the table. As part of our Time to Make series, Olivia will demonstrate how to make a simple focaccia to enjoy in the sunshine on summer picnics. As is traditional in Puglia, Oliva will mix mashed potato through the dough to make the focaccia soft in texture, topping it with sweet onions, Jersey Royals and rosemary.


The Traditions of Tea in Spring | Time to Make

New York-based Té Company source handmade teas from generation-old tea makers in Taiwan. Join founder Elena Liao as part of our Time to Make series as she prepares some of her favourite brews for spring and summer. During the session, Elena will share tips on selecting teas for warmer months. She will also discuss the health benefits of green, low oxidized oolong and wild chrysanthemum teas through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Japanese Home Cooking with Sonoko Sakai | Time to Make

Join cookbook author and teacher Sonoko Sakai as she makes one of her favourite, staple recipes from scratch. Whilst writing her book Japanese Home Cooking, Sonoko set out to create her own straightforward curry recipes that didn't rely on time consuming methods and complicated ingredients. As part of our Time to Make series, Sonoko will demonstrate how to make a curry brick from a unique blend of spices from her kitchen in LA. Using the brick, she will then show each step to achieving a quick, wholesome home curry that is full of fresh vegetables and flavours.


Spring Wreath Making with Fox & Thorn | Time to Make

London-based floral designer Paula Ellis of Fox & Thorn creates sculptural arrangements made from carefully sourced materials; some foraged, some found. Using seasonal stems, bulbs from local growers and fresh moss from her local surroundings, Paula will demonstrate how to make a spring wreath to hang above your door this Easter. Paula will use simple bundle and binding techniques, resulting in a wild and natural wreath that can be adorned with naturally dyed ribbon.


*All donations you make will support the Crafts Council UK in their Let’s Craft campaign - helping to create Craft Packs for children most in need of support. The aim is to ensure that these children do not miss out on the health, wellbeing and educational benefits of creativity.