Events & Workshops

Each season we bring together like-minded, creative individuals through a series of virtual events, talks and workshops. We hope you can take part.

TOAST at Brooklyn Grange

Botanical Bundle Dyeing with TOAST & Natalie Stopka

Join TOAST at the urban rooftop farm Brooklyn Grange to reconnect with your innate creativity through expressive mark-making with plant colour.

During this workshop, artist and educator Natalie Stopka will guide participants through a series of drawing exercises to consider the beautiful, plentiful and accessible plants around us. Experimenting with fresh blossoms and dye extractions, Natalie will explain how to naturally infuse a garment with rich pattern and colour. Participants will leave with their own botanically-dyed, cotton bandana scarf, courtesy of TOAST.

Fri 24 September, 3pm or 5pm EDT, 2 hours.

Floral Folk Embroidery with TOAST & Jordana Martin, founder of BLUE, The Tatter Textile Library

Join TOAST at the urban rooftop farm Brooklyn Grange to explore folk floral embroidery during a workshop led by Jordana Martin, founder of BLUE, The Tatter Textile Library in Brooklyn, New York.

Drawing inspiration from embroidery books and vintage textiles in the Tatter Textile Library archive, as well as freshly picked flowers from the Brooklyn Grange wildflower meadow, participants will learn how to combine techniques, traditionally used in folk embroidery around the world, to create a hand-stitched design on a TOAST washed linen napkin.

Fri 24 September, 3pm or 5pm EDT, 2 hours.

Communal Weaving with TOAST & Cynthia Alberto, founder of Weaving Hand, Brooklyn

Join TOAST at the urban rooftop farm Brooklyn Grange during New York Textile Month, to contribute to a large-scale communal weaving installation.

During the event, visitors will learn the basics of hand weaving, using repurposed fabrics, on a large eight-sided, circular-frame loom.

The installation aims to create relationships through the act of weaving and to highlight the importance of reusing and repurposing textile fragments.

Fri 24 September, Free to attend, drop in between 3pm -7pm EDT.

TOAST & Tom of Holland

TOAST has collaborated with Tom of Holland, a Brighton-based textile artist at the forefront of the mending movement, for an exhibition and workshop during Shoreditch Design Triangle.

For our Autumn Winter 2021 Collection, Tom has reimagined a selection of TOAST shirts, breathing new life into each. Embroidered with silk and cotton threads in and rows of intricate repeat stitches, each shirt will be entirely unique. The bespoke pieces are accompanied by a label detailing the techniques Tom has used. Each shirt will be available for purchase from the installation.

Tom will also be leading a hand-stitching workshop at TOAST Shoreditch to demonstrate different stitching techniques for repair. Online tickets cost £10 and 20% of the ticket price will be donated to Crafts Council UK.

Sat 18 September, 10.30am BST (11:30am CEST / 7.30pm AEST), 2 hours.

Sat 18 September, 2pm BST (3pm CEST / 9am EDT), 2 hours.

TOAST Creative Residency

Our annual TOAST Creative Residency brings together our community of creative individuals. This year, we are hosting our first blended Creative Residency at the Crafts Council Gallery in Islington.

From Thu 21 to Sat 23 October, join us for a three-day programme of online and in-person talks, workshops and live demonstrations from willow weaving and needle tufting to growing your own microgreens and mindful whittling. Each event is inspired by our seasonal campaign Rewilding, and the programme aims to connect individuals and foster thought.

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Virtual Workshops

Prices for individual events vary. You will also have the opportunity to donate* to the Crafts Council UK. All you need to take part is a webcam and microphone - we suggest using a laptop or desktop computer, but you can also use your tablet or mobile phone. We recommend using a WiFi connection to avoid data charges. Virtual workshops will be available to watch on demand for up to 14 days following the live event.

Please register using the links below to confirm your place.

A Guide to Mushroom Foraging with John Wright

From hedgehog and beefsteak fungus, to wood ears and scarlet elfcups, our countryside is full of edible mushrooms. Join us live in conversation with author and expert forager John Wright as he discusses tips for identifying and foraging mushrooms in the autumn months. John will show us which species can be found and where, along with how to store, use and cook your findings. 

Tickets cost £10 and 20% of the ticket price will be donated to Crafts Council UK.

Wed 15 September, 7pm BST (8pm CEST / 2pm EDT), 1 hour.

Denim Repairs with Molly Martin

Denim is a sturdy and durable material that can last a lifetime if it is cared for well. During this denim repair workshop, artist and professional textile restorer Molly Martin will show you how to effectively repair your most beloved denim garments. Using traditional stitching methods like Japanese sashiko repair, Molly will demonstrate how to mend tears, fix pockets and tend to torn knee holes, whilst discussing some helpful ways to wash and care for your denim. 

This workshop is suitable for beginners and is free to attend, with the opportunity to make a voluntary donation*.

Thu 30 September, 6pm BST (7pm CEST / 1pm EDT), 2 hours.

Past Events | Watch Again

Styling Conversations with TOAST

Join us for our latest Styling Conversations where we share key pieces from our new collection and discuss ways to wear and layer each look. Using a range of garments, we will present versatile outfits, working to a range of proportions and silhouettes. From tiers and checks, to lightweight cord and shirt detailing, our latest Styling Conversations provides interactive guidance and tips to create unique combinations for everyday wear.


Kathe Kaczmarzyk of Saltat Ferments in Malmö, Sweden | Time to Make

Join owner and producer of Saltat Ferments, Kathe Kaczmarzyk as she shares her unique sauerkraut recipe ‘Pretty in Pink’. Based in Malmö, Sweden, Kathe works with local farmers and small, independent producers to source her ingredients for her range of flavourful ferments from blossom kraut to Kkakdugi kimchi. Through her work in fermentation, Kathe has learned that sauerkraut recipes don’t have to primarily be made with cabbage, they can be adapted to enjoy the bounty of produce during the growing season. For this Time to Make, Kathe demonstrates this by mixing radishes, ginger and miso for one of her favourite takes on sauerkraut.


Molly Martin in Conversation with a TOAST Repair Specialist

Join Molly Martin live in conversation with TOAST Repair Specialist Emily Mae Martin. During the conversation they discuss the sentimentality of textile repair, the fusion of practicality and creativity, and their hopes for the future of repair. Emily will share a selection of recent repairs and discuss how the revival of traditional techniques can be taught, shared and used today.


A Foraged Recipe by Xanthe Gladstone | Time to Make

Xanthe Gladstone is a chef, organic grower and sustainability advocate based in North Wales. Through her cooking and talks, Xanthe demonstrates the positive effects that the right food choices can have on ourselves and our environment. Xanthe guides us through a simple summer vegetable broth recipe, which can be adapted to use a variety of vegetables abundant locally to you. She will also share tips on how to eat more sustainably in an accessible way and the benefits of eating seasonally with vegetables from her own garden.


*All donations you make will support:

Crafts Council UK's Young Craft Citizens - a programme of workshops, paid opportunities and creative and professional advice for young people from all backgrounds interested in shaping the future of craft, design and making in the UK.